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Digitising and Grading


The first step in the production process is putting your original pattern into our system and creating the grade – a range of sizes. We can advise what sizing options would be best.


Having your patterns in our computerised system means no more searching through masses of card sets, or needing to store many seasons worth of work. Should you ever require an old season’s pattern, simply request a printed copy.


We can convert patterns so they can be read by other CAD systems. Maintain control and eliminate courier costs and downtime by digitizing and/or grading your offshore patterns here, and email the files to your manufacturer.

Pattern Development/Amendments

When your pattern is in our system lengthening or shortening hems, resizing and other adjustments are easily done on-screen, no need to pay for a complete new pattern to be entered.


Marker Making

Once your pattern is in our system we create a ‘marker’ on-screen, using the fabric and quanitity specifications. Our CAD system means we can maximise fabric usage. Once the marker has been approved by you it is printed it out ready for collection. We are happy to liaise with your cutter to provide markers to their cutting preferences.


We can also convert the marker so it can be read by an automatic cutter if required.


Card Cutting

Some styles – for example, matched stripes or checks - are easier to cut using a card graded set; or perhaps you prefer to have a card set on hand.


We have a card cutting plotter which cuts and labels individual pattern pieces, leaving perforated pattern pieces which can be simply punched out and notched, ready for production. Easy!


Pattern Conversion


Jacata works primarily in the Stylecad CAD system, but can also convert patterns into Gerber or PAD format if required.


We can also convert into DXF/AAMA  which can be read by any other kind of CAD system, and are happy to liaise with your manufacturer to get the system working smoothly.


We can also convert files into Illustrator on request.


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